Projection-débat autour de Life Animated, Rennes, Dimanche 9 avril, 18h, CinéTNB

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<p style="text-align: justify;">Rendez-vous pour la projection de "Life animated, une vie anim&eacute;e" film-documentaire de Roger Ross Williams d&rsquo;apr&egrave;s le best-seller du m&ecirc;me nom de Ron Suskind.</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">"A 3 ans, un enfant dispara&icirc;t &agrave; lui-m&ecirc;me. Est alors diagnostiqu&eacute; un autisme r&eacute;gressif. Seul le cin&eacute;ma, les films Disney l&rsquo;animent. Ses parents, &laquo; passeurs entre deux mondes &raquo;, soutiendront sans rel&acirc;che son affinit&eacute; pour renouer le lien, le dialogue, vers une ouverture au monde".</p>
<p style="text-align: justify;">Projection suivie d&rsquo;un d&eacute;bat en pr&eacute;sence de <strong>Myriam Ch&eacute;rel Perrin</strong>, directrice de l&rsquo;ouvrage &laquo; Affinity therapy, nouvelles recherches sur l&rsquo;autisme &raquo; et <strong>Jeanne Joucla</strong>, directrice de l&rsquo;ouvrage &laquo; Au cin&eacute;ma, croire &agrave; l&rsquo;inconscient &raquo;, membres de l&rsquo;ECF.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #800000;"><strong>DIMANCHE 9 AVRIL &agrave; 18H</strong></span><br /> <span style="color: #800000;"><strong>Cin&eacute;TNB, 1 rue Saint-H&eacute;lier, Rennes</strong></span></p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Soir&eacute;e organis&eacute;e par le cartel : Marianne Blin, Myriam Ch&eacute;rel Perrin,<br /> No&euml;mie Jan, Jeanne Joucla (Plus-un) et G&eacute;raldine Somaggio.</p>
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Soirée de lancement de l'ouvrage "Une vie animée" de Ron Suskind


Wish and publication of Ron Suskind's "Life animated" translated in French





Dear colleagues, dear parents,

The entire GRA team wishes you all the best for this year 2017! Let it be rich with beautiful encounters, clinical perspectives and surprises! That open-mindedness and unfailing support for the creativity of the autistic is the mark of the year 2017, thanks to the ingenuousness of the parents and the inventiveness of the professionals! Let Affinity therapy find a more favorable echo among all those who still doubt it!
And to get off to a good start, we are pleased to announce the release of Ron Suskind's book Une vie animée, The Unheard-of Destiny of an Autistic Child, published by Saint-Simon (1). The book will be available in bookstores from January 30th.

We have the honor to invite you to the opening night of the book:

Journalist Pierre Haski (Nouvel Observateur) will lead the debate in the presence of Mr Philippe Douste Blazy (tbc), candidate for the presidency of WHO, and Mrs Myriam Perrin, lecturer at the University of Rennes2 and director of The book Affinity therapy, New Research on Autism (2).

Enclosed is the invitation to fill in and return by 24 January.

(1) SUSKIND Ron, An Animated Life, The Unheard of Destiny of an Autistic Child, ed. Saint-Simon, 2017.
(2) PERRIN Myriam (eds.), Affinity therapy, New research on autism, PUR, Rennes, 2015.




Rencontre-dédicace avec Myriam Perrin, à la librairie LE FORUM DU LIVRE, jeudi 26 mai

Chers participants au colloque Affinity Therapy,

J’ai le plaisir de vous convier le jeudi 26 mai 2016 à 18h00, au Café Littéraire de la librairie LE FORUM DU LIVRE à Rennes à une rencontre à l’invitation du FORUM DU LIVRE au cours de laquelle sera dédicacé le livre "Affinity therapy : nouvelles recherches sur l'autisme" paru aux PUR en novembre. Nous vous invitons à diffuser largement sur vos réseaux sociaux cet événement. Ce sera l’occasion de nouveaux échanges autour de l’Affinity therapy, et des témoignages d’autistes et de leurs parents.


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Following the Affinity Therapy symposium on 5th and 6th march this year, this book provides new developments about autism treatment: recent research initiated here enable us to open a major perspective regarding the consideration of autistic's specific way of functioning and to define, even develop principles and the logic of " the elective affinity of autistic mind" in view of major advances on institutional cares of autistics.

Authors – parents, autistics, professionals and searchers – feature in a precise way how to support specific affinities, passions and obsessions. Indeed, taking into account the “Real” they endure and defenses they elaborate to cope with it create an opening where the know-how of everyone shows how much bonding become possible.

The main objective of this work – a political and clinical objective – is to show the interest of Affinity therapy, to demonstrate the litter of it, and its dealings with the treatment of autism implemented in the “pratique à plusieurs” oriented with the psychoanalytic discourse.

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Mrs Hettie le Pennec, secondary associated teacher (PRAG), English university teacher at Rennes2 university, Mrs Isabelle Rannou, PhD student and English ATER at Rennes2 University and Mr Nicolas Boileau, English university lecturer at Aix-Marseille University, are associated members of EA 1796 – LLC, and have translated Owen and Ron’s texts, as well as Dan Griffin’s text. May they all be warmly thanked for their work.

Conférence de Myriam Perrin sur l'Affinity therapy à Clermont Ferrand le 26 mars

WAAD 2016 - CIPPA & MàO


Conversation with ACF Aquitania with Myriam Perrin

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